jStockExchange display quotations and currencies on your website

jStockExchange is a jQuery plugin that helps you to easily query the Yahoo finance API!

It has never been so easy to display real-time quotes and exchange rates between currencies to your visitors.

Browser compatibility

IE 8+






Major points

Well documented

Stock Market Quotes

Exchange rates

Yahoo finance API


Lot of examples


Stock exchange module

Stock exchange history module

Currency exchanges module

Full example

Installation how to work with jStockExchange

Archive structure
  • jStockExchange.zip - the compressed file that you get by purchasing this project
    • CSS
      • jStockExchange.css - The CSS file to include in your website
    • JS
      • dependencies - the project dependencies (jQuery and Highcharts JS libraries)
        • exporting.js
        • highstock.js
        • jquery.min.js
      • jquery.stock-exchange.js - The JS file to include in your website
    • Examples - All examples you can see on this website (once the plugin loaded to your webpages, go to this folder and watch the code)
    • Website - the website you are looking at
      • assets
      • index.html
      • logo.png

To get jStockExchange to work on you page, you need to do the following:

  • Add dependencies files to your pages: exporting.js, highstock.js and jquery.min.js
  • Add CSS and JS files of the project to your pages: jStockExchange.css and jquery.stock-exchange.min.js
  • See documentation page and try to copy/paste an example

The HTML code to include jStockExchange project to your pages (don't forget to give your correct paths):

HTML code
	<!-- Your other stuff here -->

	<!-- The project CSS -->
	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="path/to/your/css/jStockExchange.css">

	<!-- The dependencies -->
	<script src="path/to/your/js/jquery.min.js"></script>
	<script src="path/to/your/js/highstock.js"></script>
	<script src="path/to/your/js/exporting.js"></script>

	<!-- The project JS -->
	<script src="path/to/your/js/jquery.stock-exchange.js"></script>

	<!-- Your other stuff here -->

Frequently Asked Questions

You are free to modify jStockExchange if you want to add something. The first goal of this plugin is to facilitate call to Yahoo finance API, if you want more, you can add your code. One advice, always keep a backup of jStockExchange if your modifications make the plugin instable.
The minimum time between 2 calls to the Yahoo finance API has been set to 5 seconds in order to not overload the requested server. Please don't set a shorter time.
Like all plugins that are based on external API, jStockExchange can become useless if Yahoo decide to close its API.
It is possible that the values are slightly different than in reality. jStockExchange plugin works with an external API so that we are not responsible for the accuracy of the values returned.